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DONGHEE is an autoparts specialized company devoted to producing the essential autoparts since its foundation in 1972.

DONGHEE is positioned as a leading group in suspension, fuel tank, pedal, roof system and body sectors that requires reliability assurance.

DONGHEE has global networks by establishing the production based in Korea, China, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Russia. In addition, DONGHEE has been concentrating its energy on environment-friendly parts, lightweight material, and electronic/intelligent parts applied to future automobiles to lead the technology level in autoparts industry.

Automobile technology is humanism where the parts and people become one. Each autopart should embrace the highest level of precision and reliability and perform its best performance under any condition. With the philosophy that there is no technology which cannot be achieved in this world, DONGHEE seeks perfect completion in autoparts.

DONGHEE will grow as a customer-oriented company which always realizes the best quality and cost competitiveness even with the smallest part. We hope our customer can see the path which DONGHEE has walked and will take on. We sincerely ask for your concern and supports so we can grow as a company with dignity and integrity.